About us

Our History

Badaga was born from our love to the sea and nature.
This is also embodied in the name of our sustainable brand. Because Badaga is Korean and means the sea or go to the sea.
As a city kid, time in nature was always especially important to me in order to recharge my batteries and to not lose my balance.
I had taken some time off from the stressful city life and decided to travel for a few months - surfing. On my trip to the most wonderful beaches, I noticed the pollution more and more. The more lonely the beaches, the more polluted they were.
But also the quality and origin of my bikinis gave me food for thought. Especially when I was washed through by a wave again.
Looking for high quality bikinis that would last a little longer than a month and were sustainably and ethically made, I was disappointed pretty quickly. - That was the start of Badaga.

Our Values

From the beginning, we have focused on sustainability with Badaga for people and for nature:

1) Recycling  

We use high quality Italian luxury fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets which come from the ocean and landfills. This not only helps cleaning up the oceans, as well as conserve raw materials, but also saves water and crude oil in the creation process. For example, the global warming effect of recycled nylon is 80% lower. The quality is in no way inferior, has a long life and is certified with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

2) Etical production - Made & sourced in Europe

We source and produce exclusively in Europe. We focus on fair working conditions and on a personal and long-term cooperation. So we always know that our products are made with love and highest quality.

3) Highest Quality - against Fast Fashion

Our products are manufactured with the highest quality. The materials used by Badaga and also Badaga production are certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
Our bikinis do not fade and can be worn for years. This is also a great contribution to conserve resources and to do something good for the environment.

Our Goals

Badaga's goal is to set a sustainable example in the mainstream fashion world, which still has far too little regard for the needs of people and nature. Because it's time for a change and we are committed to be a part of this movement.

We are aware that it is not possible to change the world within a few days, but with Badaga we would like to contribute to this change. And that's why we are proud and convinced that with every product and with every one of you, we can drive sustainable change.