Yoga Mats

Movement is the key for a healthy lifestyle. With the cork yoga mat you bring nature to your home and give pleasure not only to your body but also to your eyes. The mat is suitable for everyone, regardless of your athletic level.

About our Cork yoga mats

  • natural material from renewable resources
  • includes carrying strap
  • colorfast and beautiful prints
  • slip- & sweat-resistent
  • for everyone - every sport - every level
  • free of harmful substances - free of PVC and latex
  • easy to clean (check product details)
  • hypoallergenic & antibacterial
  • comfortable damping - 0,4cm high
  • perfect size: 176 x 61 cm
  • weight: 2,2 kg

Psssst: the yoga mats like to hang out with our yoga block.

Care Instructions

Cork is a sustainable & exciting material. Here are a few advices on what your new yoga mat likes and dislikes.

If you want your mat to live a long and happy life roll it up with the cork site facing out. Be careful not to bend or fold it - this will prevent the cork from breaking or peeling.

Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and no detergent. Yoga mats made of cork are self-cleaning because of the closed cork cells. Sweat, dirt and dust cannot enter, making the mat easy to care for.


Cork trees can be found in the Mediterranean area, we for example get our cork from near our production facilities in Portugal. The material is an environmental all-rounder: it is elastic, as well as fire and water resistant. Cork is a renewable raw material, 100% recyclable and feels wonderful whe you do your asanas.

Natural Rubber

With the focus on protecting our environment, we decided to use natural rubber when choosing materials for our yoga mats. Rubber is 100% renewable. In addition, the material can be easily recycled and is biodegradable. The production of natural rubber only consumes around 10% of the energy that is necessary for the production of synthetic rubber. Due to its high elasticity, the material guarantees good comfort in all yoga situations.